Honda S2000 Direct-Fit 19-Row Oil Cooler Kit

Our 19-row oil cooler allows the oil to maintain peak performance temperature, also aiding the engine cooling system from being overworked. Simple design and effectiveness play a great role when installing any of our oil cooler kits.

    **Upgrade to an oil cooler thermostat for optimal street and track use.

    For Street and Track applications, the thermostatic plate (opens at 174deg). This setup allows your vehicle to maintain optimal operating temperatures at all times. If your vehicle is not in a constant demand of aided oil cooling, the thermostatic valve will remain shut and your oil system will operate as normal with no interruption. When heavy load and increased temperature occurs, the automatic valve will allow oil to flow through the cooler and reduce temps to peak performance. Version 2 has two ports for oil feed or oil sensor usage.

    • Core Size: 11.5" x 5.5" x 2.00"
    • Overall Size: 13" x 6.6" x 2.00"
    • High-Quality T-6061 Aluminum
    • Working load tested up to 150 psi
    • .38L increased oil capacity
    • -10AN In/Out

    [1] 19 Row Oil Cooler
    [2] (1.2m) Stainless Steel Braided Nylon Hose
    [2] -10AN 90-Degree Fittings  Installed on Lines (Adjustable Length)
    [2] -10AN 180-Degree Swivel Fittings  Installed on Lines (Adjustable Length)
    [1] Adapter Plate
    [4] Mounting Brackets for Honda S2000 AP1 & AP2

    Grassroots Performance Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty is strictly applying to the sole part produced under the Grassroots Performance line of cooling parts. Ultimately covering oil cooling components and radiator components only which are sold under the “Grassroots Performance” line. The warranty is only valid for the “Original” purchaser of the Grassroots Performance product. The warranty is non-transferable. 

    To validate your cooling product and be eligible for a full warranty, the consumer must fill out the provided form. This form will be emailed to the owner after purchase. The product is then validated and will take on the limited lifetime warranty. The warranty form and product installation must be completed within 90 days of receiving the product to be eligible. 

    Collections: Cooling Systems, Oil Cooling

    Category: S2000

    Type: Honda/Acura

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