Grassroots Performance GT-45 Journal Bearing Turbo

Size Guide

The GT45 Turbo is a great option for any big displacement engine. Built using industry leading castings and the world's leader in high-quality center sections. The GT45  is a journal bearing unit that provides superior quality with outstanding durability. The reliability of a journal bearing combined with such a large turbine gives this unit the ability to flow massive amounts of air all while barely breaking a sweat. The T4 flange and V-Band outlet make this easily adapted to any turbo build. This turbo is used on our Grassroots Performance LSX Turbo 350z and has been the go-to turbo for larger displacement builds that are looking for a quality reliable unit without breaking the bank.

Our Grassroots vehicle uses a 5.3 V8 and this turbo, we produced:
550hp @ 8psi using Grassroots 45MM External Wastegate 
750+ on high boost
**Power levels may vary depending on your specific setup 

Grassroots 1-Year Warranty Replacement

T4 Inlet
4" V-Band Exhaust Exit
COM WHEEL: 68.99mm/98mm
TUR WHEEL: 77.4mm/88mm

*This unit is oil-cooled only.

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