Grassroots Performance MOB Oil Filter

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Introducing the Grassroots Performance MOB Oil Filter. 

Finally, an oil filter that can keep up with the rest of your powerplant. The MOB Oil Filter is a High Flow -20 Micron Performance unit that is built for extreme conditions. This Filter is safe for both Synthetic and Non-Synthetic Oils. The MOB Filter has a Silicone check valve protecting your powerplant from dry, harsh, and cold starts. The MOB filter's robust construction consists of full metal components inside and out. Ain't no cardboard in this filter! Finally - it's the highest flowing filter of its kind and will do nothing but Make Oil Better. For an in-depth review and comparison against other brands check the link below.




  • Safe for Synthetic and Non-Synthetic Oils
  • 20 Micron Filtration System
  • High Flowing Internals
  • Designed for Race use 
  • Anti-Drain Silicone Check Valve
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Direct fit for all Grassroots Performance Oil Cooler Kits
  • M20 x 1.25

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