Racecar Build/Install Consultation

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We can install everything that we sell, from our well-known oil cooler kits to complete engine swaps. We are a one-stop shop here at Grassroots Performance. Schedule an appointment today with our licensed technician, Daniel Paska.

**the consultation fee will be deducted from any shop labor services or Grassroots Performance parts purchased after consultation.

All services are subject but not limited to the following:

1. Grassroots Performance parts installation
2. Custom race/drift car fabrication. Chassis, Driveline, and Engine.
3. Track car prep. Fluids, brakes, suspension, and tires.
4. Streetcar maintenance and mods. Be honest you can't drive anything that's stock so we're here to help.


28 Milford Ave. Toronto, ON, M6M 2V8 CANADA

**by appointment only**


Daniel Paska is a licensed 310T Truck coach technician with 10 years of experience in the industry. Influenced by his father's passion for cars Daniel has been into cars and motorsports all his life. Over the years working full time honing his mechanics skills Daniel decided to get behind the wheel and started drifting. He is now a professional Canadian Drifter competing in various series in Ontario Quebec and the USA. With his experience as a driver, mechanic and running his own professional race program, Daniel has confidently partnered up with Grassroots Performance. Providing you with the highest standard motorsports service, install, and trackside support Daniel is the Grassroots man to see for all things performance.

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