52mm Water Temperature Gauge

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Water/coolant temperature is one of the most important displays of information you could have on the fly. Water Temperature is vital information the driver must always be aware of. This is a must in any water-cooled vehicle. Water temperature will give you an accurate reading of your water or coolant. This is the fluid running through your radiator that is essentially cooling your entire motor. It is a vital aspect and a must when deciding on gauges. Anything from a radiator leak, to improper bleeding, will be easy to see on a water temperature gauge. Not to mention with this standalone independent water temperature gauge it will be a much faster reading than a typical OEM IN DASH temperature gauge. Factory temperature gauge meters and warning lights often respond too late, when damage to your engine has already been done. Knowing exactly what your car is doing can be made easy with this 52mm, light up, electronic gauge. Make your life easier and speak the same language as your ride by adding this Electric Water Temperature Gauge. 


How do you hook this up? Grassroots Performance has a simple solution. We offer an “in-line” temperature sensor adapter for all sizes of radiator hoses. This will quickly and effectively give you a ⅛’ NPT port to easily install a water temperature sensor without having the headache of drilling or tapping the water pump or engine itself. Going this route will also allow you to run your existing OEM water temperature sensor and will avoid the interruption of any stock OEM electrical system from the factory.

Make your install easy with Grassroots Performance Water Temperature Gauge Adaptor

For double and triple gauge pod options check out our other 52mm Gauges. 

  • 1/8 NPT Water Temp Sensor
  • Simple electronic harness
  • Electrical connectors
  • Your choice of gauge mount. Gyro (movable angles) or fixed style
  • Multi-colour memory LED backlight

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