MagnaFlow Conv GM 24X6.5X4 2/2


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MagnaFlow Standard Grade Federal/EPA Compliant Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter 23454 helps keep the check engine light off. DIY installation is easy with the proper tools (no cutting or welding required). With features including mandrel-bent tubing to eliminate flow restrictions and stainless steel construction to resist corrosion, you can have confidence in the quality of this catalytic converter. Using state-of-the-art 3D scanning systems in the design process, the MagnaFlow metrology department ensures this new part to fit and function like the original equipment.This direct-fit catalytic converter is designed to fit the 1982-1985 Chevrolet Celebrity, 1982-1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, and additional vehicles. Avoid potential exhaust leaks by using the included gaskets to get a proper seal. This replacement part is designed to meet or exceed Federal emissions requirements set forth by the EPA, complying with legal standards for pre-OBDII Federally registered vehicles.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
1982-1985 Buick Century Custom
1984 Buick Century Estate
1985 Buick Century Estate Wagon
1982-1985 Buick Century Limited
1984 Buick Century Olympia Limited
1983-1985 Buick Century T-Type
1985 Buick Electra Limited
1985 Buick Electra Park Avenue
1985 Buick Electra T-Type
1982 Buick Skylark Base
1983-1985 Buick Skylark Custom
1982-1985 Buick Skylark Limited
1982-1983 Buick Skylark Sport
1983-1984 Buick Skylark T-Type
1982-1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Base
1982-1983 Chevrolet Celebrity CL
1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Classic
1982 Chevrolet Celebrity CS
1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Estate
1984-1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport
1982-1983 Chevrolet Citation Base
1982-1983 Chevrolet Citation X-11
1984-1985 Chevrolet Citation II Base
1984-1985 Chevrolet Citation II X-11
1985 Oldsmobile 98 Regency
1985 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Brougham
1982-1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Base
1982-1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Brougham
1984-1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Cruiser LS
1983,1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera ES
1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera GT
1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Holiday
1982-1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera LS
1982-1984 Oldsmobile Omega Base
1982-1984 Oldsmobile Omega Brougham
1982-1984 Oldsmobile Omega ES
1983 Oldsmobile Omega ESC
1982-1985 Pontiac 6000 Base
1982-1985 Pontiac 6000 LE
1983-1985 Pontiac 6000 STE
1982-1984 Pontiac Phoenix Base
1984 Pontiac Phoenix LE
1982-1983 Pontiac Phoenix LJ
1984 Pontiac Phoenix SE
1982-1983 Pontiac Phoenix SJ

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Category: EPA:Compliant, Exhaust- Mufflers & Tips>Catalytic Converter Direct Fit, fits_1982-1983`Oldsmobile`Cutlass Ciera`Base~1982-1985`Oldsmobile`Cutlass Ciera`Brougham~1984-1985`Oldsmobile`Cutlass Ciera`Cruiser LS~1983`Oldsmobile`Cutlass Ciera`ES~1985`Oldsmobile`Cutlass Ciera`ES~1985`Oldsmobile`Cutlass Ciera`GT, fits_1982-1985`Buick`Century`Custom~1984`Buick`Century`Estate~1985`Buick`Century`Estate Wagon~1982-1985`Buick`Century`Limited~1984`Buick`Century`Olympia Limited~1983-1985`Buick`Century`T-Type~1985`Buick`Electra`Limited~1985`Buick`Electra`Park Avenue, fits_1982-1985`Oldsmobile`Cutlass Ciera`LS~1982-1984`Oldsmobile`Omega`Base~1982-1984`Oldsmobile`Omega`Brougham~1982-1984`Oldsmobile`Omega`ES~1983`Oldsmobile`Omega`ESC~1982-1985`Pontiac`6000`Base~1982-1985`Pontiac`6000`LE~1983-1985`Pontiac`6000`STE, fits_1982`Buick`Skylark`Base~1983-1985`Buick`Skylark`Custom~1982-1985`Buick`Skylark`Limited~1982-1983`Buick`Skylark`Sport~1983-1984`Buick`Skylark`T-Type~1982-1985`Chevrolet`Celebrity`Base~1982-1983`Chevrolet`Celebrity`CL~1985`Chevrolet`Celebrity`Classic, fits_1984`Pontiac`Phoenix`LE~1982-1983`Pontiac`Phoenix`LJ~1984`Pontiac`Phoenix`SE~1982-1983`Pontiac`Phoenix`SJ, fits_1985`Chevrolet`Celebrity`Estate~1984-1985`Chevrolet`Celebrity`Eurosport~1982-1983`Chevrolet`Citation`Base~1982-1983`Chevrolet`Citation`X-11~1984-1985`Chevrolet`Citation II`Base~1984-1985`Chevrolet`Citation II`X-11~1985`Oldsmobile`98`Regency, LTL:N, MPN:23454, Non-CARB:Y, Prop65:Y, SpecialOrder:Y, TURN14_ID:239111

Type: Catalytic Converter Direct Fit

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