Grassroots Performance SR20DET GT28RS Turbo Journal Bearing

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Grassroots Performance GT28RS Journal Bearing Turbo

The most basic and affordable unit in the Grassroots Performance line of turbos. Built using industry leading castings and the world's leader in high-quality center sections. The GT28 is known for its versatility for much smaller displacement budget builds. This small unit packs a punch. The journal bearing center section provides outstanding longevity yet is still capable of power numbers that shop 350+ HP. The high-quality castings are easy to clock and the internal wastegate is easily accessed for adjusting boost levels. This is a reliable, affordable, powerful, and a direct replacement Turbo for the SR20DET S13, S14, S15. 

T25 Inlet Flange
5 Bolt Exhaust
Journal Bearing 
Internal Adjustable Wastegate
Gaskets Included
Hardware Included

COM WHEEL: 44.6/60
TUR WHEEL: 53/46.23



1 Year Limited Warranty

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