Wilwood AERO6 Front Hat Kit 14.00 Red 63-87 C10 w/ Wilwood Pro Spindles

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AERO6 calipers were designed for the specific purpose of providing big capacity braking with large diameter rotors for heavy weight and extreme duty vehicles. These kits are for he popular 1963 thru 1987 Chevrolet & GM C10 / C15 Trucks with Wilwood's new Modular Drop Pro Spindles. AERO6 Big Brake Kitst provide big stopping power for towing, off-road, and enhanced braking with wheel and tire upgrades. Kits are fully compatible with OE master cylinder output and ABS function. Directional staggered vane 14.00" rotors provide maximum cooling for sustained high heat durability.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
1978-1980 Chevrolet C10 Big Ten
1975-1981 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne
1981-1986 Chevrolet C10 Custom
1975-1980 Chevrolet C10 Custom Deluxe
1981 Chevrolet C10 Deluxe
1975-1986 Chevrolet C10 Scottsdale
1975-1986 Chevrolet C10 Silverado
1981-1986 Chevrolet C10 Suburban Custom
1975-1980 Chevrolet C10 Suburban Custom Deluxe
1981 Chevrolet C10 Suburban Deluxe
1975-1980,1982,1984-1986 Chevrolet C10 Suburban Scottsdale
1975-1980,1982-1986 Chevrolet C10 Suburban Silverado
1987 Chevrolet R10 Custom Deluxe
1987 Chevrolet R10 Scottsdale
1987 Chevrolet R10 Silverado
1987 Chevrolet R10 Suburban Custom Deluxe
1987 Chevrolet R10 Suburban Scottsdale
1987 Chevrolet R10 Suburban Silverado
1975-1978 GMC C15 Suburban Base
1975-1978 GMC C15 Suburban High Sierra
1975-1978 GMC C15 Suburban Sierra Classic
1975-1978 GMC C15 Suburban Sierra Grande
1979-1986 GMC C1500 Base
1979-1980 GMC C1500 Heavy Half
1979-1986 GMC C1500 High Sierra
1979-1986 GMC C1500 Sierra Classic
1979-1982 GMC C1500 Sierra Grande
1979-1982 GMC C1500 Street Coupe
1979-1986 GMC C1500 Suburban Base
1979-1986 GMC C1500 Suburban High Sierra
1979-1986 GMC C1500 Suburban Sierra Classic
1979-1982 GMC C1500 Suburban Sierra Grande
1975-1984 GMC Jimmy Base
1975-1984 GMC Jimmy High Sierra
1975-1976,1978-1984 GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic
1975-1982 GMC Jimmy Sierra Grande
1978-1982 GMC Jimmy Street Coupe
1987 GMC R1500 Base
1987 GMC R1500 High Sierra
1987 GMC R1500 Sierra Classic
1987 GMC R1500 Suburban Base
1987 GMC R1500 Suburban High Sierra
1987 GMC R1500 Suburban Sierra Classic

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Category: EPA:N/A, fits_1975-1978`GMC`C15 Suburban`Base~1975-1978`GMC`C15 Suburban`High Sierra~1975-1978`GMC`C15 Suburban`Sierra Classic~1975-1978`GMC`C15 Suburban`Sierra Grande~1979-1986`GMC`C1500`Base~1979-1980`GMC`C1500`Heavy Half~1979-1986`GMC`C1500`High Sierra, fits_1975-1980`Chevrolet`C10 Suburban`Custom Deluxe~1981`Chevrolet`C10 Suburban`Deluxe~1975-1980`Chevrolet`C10 Suburban`Scottsdale~1982`Chevrolet`C10 Suburban`Scottsdale~1984-1986`Chevrolet`C10 Suburban`Scottsdale, fits_1975-1984`GMC`Jimmy`High Sierra~1975-1976`GMC`Jimmy`Sierra Classic~1978-1984`GMC`Jimmy`Sierra Classic~1975-1982`GMC`Jimmy`Sierra Grande~1978-1982`GMC`Jimmy`Street Coupe~1987`GMC`R1500`Base~1987`GMC`R1500`High Sierra~1987`GMC`R1500`Sierra Classic, fits_1978-1980`Chevrolet`C10`Big Ten~1975-1981`Chevrolet`C10`Cheyenne~1981-1986`Chevrolet`C10`Custom~1975-1980`Chevrolet`C10`Custom Deluxe~1981`Chevrolet`C10`Deluxe~1975-1986`Chevrolet`C10`Scottsdale~1975-1986`Chevrolet`C10`Silverado, fits_1979-1982`GMC`C1500`Sierra Grande~1979-1982`GMC`C1500`Street Coupe~1979-1986`GMC`C1500 Suburban`Base~1979-1986`GMC`C1500 Suburban`High Sierra~1979-1986`GMC`C1500 Suburban`Sierra Classic~1979-1982`GMC`C1500 Suburban`Sierra Grande, fits_1982-1986`Chevrolet`C10 Suburban`Silverado~1987`Chevrolet`R10`Custom Deluxe~1987`Chevrolet`R10`Scottsdale~1987`Chevrolet`R10`Silverado~1987`Chevrolet`R10 Suburban`Custom Deluxe~1987`Chevrolet`R10 Suburban`Scottsdale, fits_1987`GMC`R1500 Suburban`High Sierra~1987`GMC`R1500 Suburban`Sierra Classic, LTL:N, MPN:140-15305-R, Non-CARB:N, Prop65:N, SpecialOrder:Y, TURN14_ID:137068

Type: Big Brake Kits

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