How To Install A Grassroots Performance Steering Wheel

How To Install A Grassroots Performance Steering Wheel

July 03, 2018


Upgrading from the stock bulky steering wheel to an offset, lightweight, proper sized steering wheel will drastically increase the response and feeling the driver has for the vehicle. This is essential to any racecar build and is easy, affordable, and quick to install.

1. Straighten your wheels. On a flat even surface, turn the steering wheel until the wheels alignment is symmetrical.

2. Disconnect the battery.

3. Remove the steering wheel cover. Usually, the horn/airbag cover must be removed. Refer to your FSM (factory service manual) for the correct steps on doing this. 

4. Unscrew the center bolt.

5. Remove the steering wheel. Rock the steering wheel left and right until loose, and you can safely pull it the center bolt. MAKE SURE CENTRE BOLT IS ON WITH A FEW THREADS SO WHEN THE WHEEL CRACKS LOOSE YOU WON'T SMACK YOURSELF IN THE FACE!!

6. Bolt the BOSS hub to the steering wheel column.

7. Reattach your horn. Tighten all hardware If you have a real race car you can skip this step.

8. Attach your steering wheel to the new hub. Tighten all 8 allen key bolts and nuts.

9. Tighten all hardware.

Download the PDF here for step-by-step instructions and picture diagrams on how to install your Grassroots Performance Steering Wheel. 

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