Meet The Team

With a combined history of over 30 years of racing in various types of motorsports, we have succeeded, failed, and often surprised ourselves with the results of tested & true products versus our own. We guarantee that any Grassroots product has been tested in a racing application and that the quality of products do not match, but surpass the selling cost.

Grassroots is built on the heritage of a modern day race car enthusiast. From backyard wrenching to full-blown rotisserie restos. Grassroots is knowing where you came from and not selling out for the fame, stereotypes, or politics most often involved with the sport. Yet, for the satisfaction and respect of a well-built machine ready for any corner, it's thrown at.


(Founder, Car Enthusiast)
Paul Nigro Grassroots Performance Founder
Paul is the founder of Grassroots Performance. Paul became a gearhead at the early age of 7, starting on dirt bikes and go-karts. He quickly progressed and began competitive racing 4 wheels at the age of 13 to present, racing 2 wheels since the age of 16. He is now a driver in a variety of playing fields. From competition to demos, and even cinematic stunt driving. Pauls passion for driving is second to none and takes any opportunity to get behind the wheel or above bars. He has always been realistic when building a race vehicle and knows sticking to a budget is usually the major set back to any build. This leads him to his quest for affordable performance parts to fit any scale of a build.
(Electrical Technician, Einstein Reincarnate)
Alex Frost Technical Engineer Grassroots Performance
The Grassroots technical engineer and wiring specialist. With his racing history in National Snowmobile Drag Racing series and his 10+ years as a drifter/circuit driver. Alex is capable of tackling any challenge thrown at him. Allowing him to diagnose and figure out a solution to almost any problem on the spot. Every car produced out of the Grassroots facility has a wiring harness made from scratch or customized by Alex. To him there is only one way of doing things, that's the right way. He stops at no excuse to ensure his quality of work is none other than perfection. From high-quality electronic mods to bonded washers and crush gaskets, Alex has the specialty tools & insight to make all technical jobs look and function at the highest level. Alex leads the Grassroots engineering team and sets the bar each part must meet or exceed before being added to the Grassroots Performance line of parts.
dan paska drift car driver
(Mechanic, Professional Racecar Driver)
Daniel Paska is a licensed 310T Truck coach technician with 10 years experience in the industry.  Influenced by his fathers passion for cars Daniel has been into cars and motorsports all his life. Over the years working full time honing his mechanics skills Daniel decided to get behind the wheel and started drifting. He is now a professional Canadian Drifter competing in various series in Ontario Quebec and USA. With his experience as a driver, mechanic and running his own professional race program Daniel has confidently partnered up with Grassroots Performance. Providing you with the highest standard motorsports service, install, and trackside support Daniel is the Grassroots man to see for all things performance.


Rebekah Oka Grassroots Performance
Rebekah handles a lot of the nit & grit that comes with the business. She deals with
our marketing & graphic design, administration and a lot of the "behind the scenes" side of things. She's been around since the beginning and brings a much-needed freshness to a sport & industry so dominated by men. She's working on getting handy with a wrench as well, and you can often find her helping out in the pits. Keep an eye out for her EF Honda Civic she is building to run circuit events.