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Our Roots

September 03, 2017

With a combined history of over 30 years of racing in various types of motorsports, we have succeeded, failed, and often surprised ourselves with the results of tested & true products versus our own. We guarantee that any Grassroots product has been tested in a racing application, and that the quality of products do not match, but surpass the selling cost.

Grassroots is built on the heritage of a modern day race car enthusiast. From backyard wrenching to full blown rotisserie restos. Grassroots is knowing where you came from and not selling out for the fame, stereotypes, or politics most often involved with the sport. Yet, for the satisfaction and respect of a well built machine ready for any corner it's thrown at.
My racing heritage from 2 wheels to 4 wheels, on road, off-road, dirt, and snow...
My roots are spinning up dirt on my first two wheels, it was a used and old, scrappy dirt bike. I was 7. It was a 1986 Yamaha 80cc Enduro. The foundation for my love of bikes. I soon transitioned to sport bikes shortly after that... two wheels have always been the most gratifying ride for me.  I still sling dirt on a 125cc, or drag a knee on my RC-51 race bike.
I've been competitively racing four wheels now since the age of 13. I started in the Provincial Kart Racing Series and my passion for racing has only grown. Once I turned 16 and qualified to drive full size vehicles, that is when I found my true calling. It wasn't just the racing, but also, building a complete vehicle capable of a hard weekend of lapping, or a ride in the streets.
I started working on Honda and Acura (FWD) having done a hand full of B series swaps. My 1990 Honda CRX restoration has been the most fulfilling and rewarding build I've doneIn 2006 I got my hands on two JDM vehicles from Japan, a 1993 180sx and a 1989 Skyline Gts-T. I immediately fell for the rear wheel drive turbo game.
Leading me into the world of drifting.
Nissan 180sx
At first, drifting was just a hobby. Then I began modifying my Nissan 180sx... It has been a part of my racing identity ever since. I've driven this car for 9 years straight now, and I mean on the race track. The two greatest things this car has taught me? Reliability and performance. The 180sx is dyno proven at 205hp, that's low. Yet this car was campaigned in the Canadian Sports Compact Series for 3 seasons, defeating cars with over 400hp. I retired old Trusty this year, for a well-deserved rest. But this car and my Readybayz Racing crew, established in 2012, and consisting of a small group of close friends are at the heart of what is now Grassroots Performance.
I'm now working on projects with much higher horsepower. My current race car, a Nissan 350z is one of them. 
Paul Nigro Grassroots Performance Founder
Grassroots Performance was created in 2015. It started when I attempted a build that would have competitive power, consistent reliability, and remained within a set budget. This dream quickly turned into a nightmare when we realized the LS1 + T56 turbo set up was much more far-fetched than our budget allowed. So we started investigating and researching alternatives so that we could still have a boosted v8 in my 2003 Nissan 350z. We were unlucky in our search for a cost-effective alternative that remained at a Race-Ready level of quality. This downfall is ultimately what began research and development in producing our own kit for the LS 350z swap game. 
Nissan 350z
I've bought expensive parts, I've bought cheap parts, I've even made parts from other parts, lying around in a pile of parts. I know in some cases it "just has to work". Yes, but for how long, and how well. This is something quite often overlooked when buying "eBay", "china", or "fake" parts, as my fellow car enthusiasts might say. This is not the criteria I built Grassroots Performance off of. When we begin production of a part or component, the customer is ensured that this piece has been fully tested by our crew.
Meaning we have tested it on one of our actual race vehicles, it's been brought to the track, abused, beaten, and then abused some more. Once making it through these rigorous tests, we then take it apart and find ways to make it better. Then the production process beings.
Nissan 350z Drift
Starting this company; designing, building, placing orders, making accounts, shipping, and having a finished product. I've seen first hand the profit most established performance parts company are actually making off of me, and probably you too. There are markups, there are shipping costs, so how do we know where our money goes once we buy the product. Or even where our shiny new part is shipped from?

Grassroots was built to provide a simple effective design on all swap parts and ensure quality, fitment, and reliability of all bolt-onsWe design, fabricate, create, test, and ship our products from our own facility here in Toronto. No hidden costs, no hidden fees, not even $1 of drift tax is added to our prices. Our mission with this company is to provide all of our peers and fellow enthusiasts with a quality product they can trust at a price they can afford.

I don't guarantee we will always have the lowest price, but we won't have the most expensive ones either. What I can guarantee is that we are the most grassroots parts company you will ever find. 

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