Limited Lifetime Warranty Form

This warranty is strictly applying to the sole part produced under the Grassroots Performance line of cooling parts. Ultimately covering Oil Cooling components and Radiator components only which are sold under the “Grassroots Performance” line. The warranty is only validated for the “Original” purchaser of the Grassroots Performance product. The warranty is non-transferable. The warranty is implemented to directly replace the failed or malfunctioning component or kit produced by Grassroots Performance. Should the model or component be discontinued/not available, a gift card redeemable online at will be issued with the original purchased dollar amount. To make a claim on a warranted part, a claim submission must be filled out by the owner. This can be obtained by contacting

To validate your cooling product and be eligible for a full warranty, the consumer must fill out this form. The product is then validated and will take on the limited lifetime warranty. The warranty form and product installation must be completed within 90 days of receiving the product.