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Keep Dirt and Debris Out of Your Hose Fittings with These Sleek AN Flare Caps.

• Seals automotive-type fluids
• Lightweight aluminum construction
• Attractive anodized or plated finish

These high-quality AN flare caps create a reliable seal to prevent dirt, debris, and other contaminants from getting into your externally threaded hose fittings and adapters. Their aluminum construction makes them lightweight yet durable, while the anodized or plated finish gives them a stylish, professional look. Whether you're working on your car, truck, or heavy equipment, these caps will keep your hydraulic and fluid systems clean and protected.

The AN flare caps are designed for anyone who needs to safeguard their hose fittings from the elements. By keeping out dirt and debris, they help extend the life of your equipment and ensure optimal performance. With their secure seal and attractive appearance, these caps are an essential accessory for any mechanic, fabricator, or DIY enthusiast.