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Effortless, leak-proof connections for your fuel and oil systems. The AN Forged 90* Fitting delivers.

  • Quality forged construction for long-lasting durability
  • Smooth, unrestricted flow for maximum performance
  • Easy, secure assembly with anti-leak seal
  • Fits a wide range of popular pumps, filters, and components

This top-quality adapter is engineered to provide the perfect connection point for your critical fuel and oil system components. Its forged construction ensures reliable, leak-free performance you can count on, while the smooth internal design maximizes flow for optimal power delivery. Assembling the AN Forged 90* Fitting is a breeze, with an anti-leak seal that provides the comfort of a secure, tight fit every time. Whether you're building a race car, restoring a classic, or upgrading your daily driver, this versatile adapter has you covered.