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Derale In-Line Thermostatic Oil Adapter Grassroots Performance Upgrade

GRASSROOTS  x DERALE  In-Line Thermostatic Kit. Utilizing a DERALE fluid control unit and Grassroots quality fittings we have created an easy-to-install thermostatic version for our remote mount kits. This allows remote mount Oil-Filter Relocation and thermostatic control of your oil cooling system.


This Billet Style Cast Aluminum Fluid Control Thermostat with 1/2" NPT ports allows the oil to bypass the cooler until it reaches 180°F (82°C) At this point, the internal thermostatic valve will close and force 100% of the oil through the cooler while maintaining a constant pressure system. This process allows the engine/transmission to achieve the ideal operating temperature quicker before passing the oil through the cooler.

The unit can be rotated 180° to change flow direction.

Bypasses cooler until fluid temperature reaches 180°F

Provides quicker warm-up temperatures

Perfect for cold weather climates

Flows up to 20 gallons per minute

Rated up to 200 psi