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We're proud to announce our -AN Dry-Break Fitting. All racecars demand respect and proper maintenance. Whether you're changing a fuel system, pulling a motor, or just doing general repairs and/or upgrades. A Dry-Break fitting is your best friend for avoiding a mess and getting air in your system. 

Install our Grassroots Performance Dry-Break Fitting on any fluid line that may need to be disconnected or removed during maintenance or rebuild. One quick snap allows you to virtually stop any gravity flow in your lines and is designed to hold pressure while keeping air out of your system. Save valuable time in the pits and in the shop by preparing your racecar for "any given Sunday". Finish off your set up with our performance tested AN fitting and line components

Tested to 150 PSI

Available in sizes -4AN, -6AN, -8AN, and -10AN

Material: Billet Aluminum
Finish: Anodized Black 
Safe for: Gas and alcohol fuel systems
Interchangeable IN/OUT -AN sizing
Fittings flow equally in both directions and can be installed either way 
Naturally, there might be a 1-2 PSI drop across each coupler

Grassroots Performance Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty is strictly applying to the sole part produced under the Grassroots Performance line of cooling parts. Ultimately covering oil cooling components and radiator components only which are sold under the “Grassroots Performance” line. The warranty is only valid for the “Original” purchaser of the Grassroots Performance product. The warranty is non-transferable. 

To validate your cooling product and be eligible for a full warranty, the consumer must fill out the provided form. This form will be emailed to the owner after purchase. The product is then validated and will take on the limited lifetime warranty. The warranty form and product installation must be completed within 90 days of receiving the product to be eligible.