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If you're looking for a sizeable turbo with potential for both small & larger displacement engines without going overboard, Grassroots Performance has the turbo for you. Built using industry leading castings and the world's leader in high-quality center sections. The GRP35X is our largest ball Bearing turbo and the second largest in our complete line of turbos. With a Billet Wheel, and Dual Ceramic Ball-Bearing Centre section. This unit is comparable to the leading turbos on the market. Oil & Water-cooled center sections provide continuous performance all while keeping your turbine within proper operating temperatures. The GRP35X has a quick spooling turbine and combines with the T3 flange and V-Band Exhaust, this is the most well-rounded turbo of our line. 

Grassroots Performance 6-Month Limited Warranty

  • Oil & water-cooled 
  • Currently only available in 4-Bolt exhaust flange
  • T3 inlet flange
  • Billet Wheel
  • Dual Ceramic Ball-Bearing
  • 4" Inlet
  • Turbine Housing A/R: 0.63
  • Compressor A/R: 0.70
  • Turbine wheel size: 67.8mm/62.2mm
  • Compressor wheel size: 82mm/62.5mm
  • Exhaust outlet diameter: 92mm