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Unlock the Power of Your Fluid System with the Grassroots AN Male Flare Plug

• Designed for maximum fluid flow and reliability in motorsports applications
• Compatible with AN standard female flare ports
• Crafted from premium aluminum for exceptional durability
• Ensures a secure, leak-free connection for your high-performance setup

Unleash the full potential of your fluid system with the Grassroots AN Male Flare Plug. Engineered specifically for motorsports, this premium fitting delivers uncompromising performance and reliability. The aluminum construction stands up to the rigors of high-powered applications, while the precision-machined design ensures a rock-solid, leak-free connection with your AN female ports. Whether you're building a race car, high-performance motorcycle, or any other extreme machine, the Grassroots AN Male Flare Plug is the missing link you need to maximize fluid flow and keep your system running at its best.