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Complete Bolt-On Dual Fan Kit For 19-Row Oil Coolers 

With the maximum attack in mind, this dual fan setup is designed for cooling your engine oil under the most extreme racing conditions. Not only will you have added oil capacity, but now you will have over 450CFM flowing through your oil cooler even if it's mounted in a remote space, or if you just came off a hot lap into the pits and you have no airflow. Built with a T-6061 Aluminum Fan shroud with threaded rivets pre-installed mounted to dual 6" PANASONIC electric fans, you can rest assured of the durability and longevity of this kit.

Whatever the case may be, with the dual-fan kit your engine oil cooling system is continuously working whether you are under load on track, waiting to run one more time, or even crawling up that steep mountain. 

Available for 19-Row Oil Coolers only.

  • Panasonic 6" Electric Fan [x2]
  • 238 CFM each / 476 CFM overall
  • 12v Power
  • T-6061 Aluminum Shroud
  • Hardware Included
  • Refer to Photos for Measurements