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Elevate your fuel system with the precision-engineered AN Banjo Fittings. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your high-performance setup, this versatile connector delivers uncompromising flow and reliability. This precision-engineered connector is a must-have for any serious enthusiast or professional looking to extract every last ounce of power from their setup. Elevate your fuel system and experience the difference the AN Banjo can make.

  • Available in 3AN, 4AN, and 6AN sizes to fit your specific needs
  • Machined from premium aluminum for exceptional durability
  • Swivel design allows for easy installation and adjustment
  • Tight tolerances ensure a leak-free seal every time

The AN Banjo is the missing link your fuel system has been craving. By optimizing flow and eliminating potential points of failure, this essential component will take your rig's performance to new heights. Whether you're racing on the track or pushing the limits on the street, you can count on the AN Banjo to deliver rock-solid reliability and maximum flow.