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Smooth, secure connections for your fluid transfer needs. The AN Male, AN Tube Hardline Fitting is the essential adapter for your low-pressure applications.

Key features:
• Screw-together compression fitting for a leak-free seal
• Compatible with a wide range of low-pressure fluid transfer applications
• Durable construction for long-lasting performance

These adapters provide the reliable, high-quality connections you need to keep your fluid transfer systems running smoothly. The screw-together compression design ensures a tight, leak-free seal that can withstand the demands of your low-pressure applications. Built to last, these fittings deliver the dependable performance you can count on.

Whether you're working on an automotive, industrial, or hydraulic system, the AN Male, AN Tube Hardline Fitting is the perfect solution to your fluid transfer challenges. Stop worrying about leaks and breakdowns - these adapters will keep your critical systems functioning at their best.