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This powerful Grassroots Performance Fuel Pressure Regulator has everything you need to complete your high-flow fuel system.  A fuel pressure regulator can be found in a variety of performance fuel systems. Turbo and N/A. With an adjustable constant pressure valve, you are able to set the rail pressure of your engine and an easy to read liquid-filled gauge displays its live pressure at all times. This fuel pressure regulator also has a rising rate of 1:1. In a boosted application, every PSI of added boost flowing through your intake, adds 1psi of fuel pressure. This kit utilizes the use of -6AN fittings and braided fuel line, instead of a barbed fitting and slip-on fuel hose. Includes a variety of fittings for custom installation.

Suitable for most fuel injection engines.

Tested up to 800HP. Fed by BOSCH 044 fuel pump.

  • 1 x Fuel Regulator with 3 ports- 2 inlets & 1 return
  •  1 x Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge (160 PSI )
  •  1 x AN-6 Port Plug
  •  3 x AN-6 Straight Fittings with Flares
  •  3 x AN-6 90 Degree Fittings with Flares
  •  1 x Stainless steel fuel rail adapter
  •  1 x Fuel Regulator bracket


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