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This is a complete bolt on kit for any Gen-3, cathedral port LS/Vortec series engine. This Grassroots Performance kit not only improves the look of your engine bay but also increases horsepower and torque. 

Tested up to 23psi boost on a Vortec 6.0 with hot cam, and 75lb injectors, this setup (102mm, high ram) made over 35hp gains when compared to a stock LS1 intake manifold. 

High Rise Manifold Styles for Chevrolet LS / Vortec Fuel Injected Engines

High-Rise (9" Height): Recommended for LS / Vortec with larger displacement and high horsepower / forced induction. Our High profile design has a bold appearance and maximizes horsepower in the higher end, and much more consistent torque levels throughout the power band. Please check your hood clearance before you purchase. 

Low-Rise Intake Manifold Styles for Chevrolet LS / Vortec Fuel Injected Engines

Low-Rise (xx" Height): Virtually the same height as an OEM LS1 style intake. This manifold has increased torque and horsepower levels over stock throughout the entire power band. Recommended for low clearance hoods and N/A engine builds. (Also tested at 23psi boost). 

See other listings for the complete intake manifold kit - including manifold, fuel rails, and throttle body.