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Swapping an LSX into a S chassis, Z chassis, BMW, Hotrod or any other vehicle for that matter, will certainly require an upgraded cooling system. Specially designed by Grassroots Performance, you will not find this radiator anywhere else, this radiator is designed for easy fitment and performance in mind. With its compact size, vertical end tanks, and passenger side inlet and outlet, this is a V8 performance radiator ready to drop into any compact swap. There is a transmission cooler also integrated into the core of this radiator. This can be used or not, depending on your setup.


Although this Radiator is a swap component, modification or alteration to your mounting points may be necessary for proper fitment. This Radiator is designed for OFF ROAD USE only and may or may not be applicable to "Streetcar" setups.


Core Size: 25.75" W x 18." H x 2.5" Deep
Inlet/Outlet: Top Right/Bottom Right
Inlet/Outlet Size (in): 1.5/1.75


Custom radiator orders available upon request. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we'll help you out.

LOCAL: 416-484-9251
TOLL: 1(800) 464-2619


Grassroots Performance Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty is strictly applying to the sole part produced under the Grassroots Performance line of cooling parts. Ultimately covering oil cooling components and radiator components only which are sold under the “Grassroots Performance” line. The warranty is only valid for the “Original” purchaser of the Grassroots Performance product. The warranty is non-transferable. 

To validate your cooling product and be eligible for a full warranty, the consumer must fill out the provided form. This form will be emailed to the owner after purchase. The product is then validated and will take on the limited lifetime warranty. The warranty form and product installation must be completed within 90 days of receiving the product to be eligible. 

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