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Enhance the performance and durability of your power steering system with our universal 10-row power steering oil cooler kit. Designed for maximum heat dissipation, this oil cooler kit is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, offering versatility and unmatched cooling efficiency. Crafted from high-quality materials and engineered to exacting standards, it provides reliable protection against overheating, ensuring smooth and consistent power steering operation. Elevate your driving experience and safeguard your power steering system with this premium universal 10-row oil cooler kit.

Order your Power Steering Bolt-On Kit today and feel the difference every time you get behind the wheel!

[1] 10-row oil cooler

[2] -10 AN to -6 AN reducer fitting

[2] -6 AN lines 4ft and 5ft in length

[2] -6 AN 90-degree fittings 

[2] gear clamps

[1] Universal oil cooler bracket with hardware 

Grassroots Performance Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty is strictly applying to the sole part produced under the Grassroots Performance line of cooling parts. Ultimately covering oil cooling components and radiator components only which are sold under the “Grassroots Performance” line. The warranty is only valid for the “Original” purchaser of the Grassroots Performance product. The warranty is non-transferable. 

To validate your cooling product and be eligible for a full warranty, the consumer must fill out the provided form. This form will be emailed to the owner after purchase. The product is then validated and will take on the limited lifetime warranty. The warranty form and product installation must be completed within 90 days of receiving the product to be eligible. 

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